Friday, April 10, 2009

Cute as a Button ~ Necklaces

~ Cute as a Button ~
I've been very busy creating these simple and delicate little necklaces composed of genuine freshwater pearls and gorgeous Czech Art-Glass Button pendants. I created sterling enhancers on the buttons so you can easily slip it off/on the pearls and use it on another necklace ~and~ you can wear the pearls alone if you wish.

I'll be listing them at Lollishops simply click on my shop's name below:
Mia Bella Collection

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

'New' Czech Art -Glass Button Pendants

I'm offering 'New' Czech Art-Glass Button Pendants!

Click on the Title above for the direct link to my ArtFire shop to purchase one. I designed a sterling silver enhancer which is attached to the button's shank without causing any damage -and- NO use of toxic glues are involved. You can simply slip the pendant on/off any existing necklace.

I value the job that buttons are meant to do and didn't want to ruin it's value as a button or the possibility of using it at a later date as a true button (sewn on). So I created a sterling enhancer which can be removed or left in place if one would like to attach it to a garment with needle and thread. Even though the buttons may look "vintage or antique" they're all fresh from the factory, so there's no previous damage or wear & tear that's taken place.

These 'NEW' Czech glass buttons are purchased directly from the factory distributor and manufactured in Europe. They're 'NEW' -- not vintage or used. A 'new' generation and process enables a very high quality button with fantastic colors present in each of these beautiful glass buttons. Many buttons sold at Etsy or eBay may look similar and claim to be 'vintage or old', however the new technique used today were simply not available 20, 30, 40yrs ago. This age-old process of hand-pressed glass hasn't changed in over 200 years.

Each individual button is pressed in with a long-handled pair of pliers, the ends of the pliers are what hold the design molds. Then each shank is skillfully added at just the right moment while the glass is still very hot. After they've cooled in a special oven, the edge of each button is ground smoothed by a diamond wheel and finished by hand by these skillful craftsmen. The last step is the delicate painting done by hand and/or AB/finishes which are fired finished creating a breath-taking little jewel of a button!

I'll be posting more to use as pendants, buttons, or a fastener for a bracelet design!