Friday, June 5, 2009

~ Light Hands Horsemanship Clinic ~

Right now here in the Black Hills, we've an abundance of beautiful early summer 'green'. I couldn't help myself from being influenced by the lush green & early blooms surrounding me! *Hence, the gorgeous green beauties shown above.*

These are only a few pieces I finished up for our big sales trip to Santa Ynez Valley, CA -- which was like visiting Emerald City from the land of Oz. I was super busy creating and gathering up all my 'rocks' in order to set up my mini jewelry shop -- along side my DH's meat company's booth. Yep, all the gals swooned, ooo'd & ahhh'd, and scooped up oodles of my baubles!! Yipeee...yeeeehaw!

We were attending (as vendors) the Light Hands Horsemanship Clinic held in the Santa Ynez Valley.

My sister who's very good friends with Eitan & Debbie Beth-Halachmy, are the folks who invited us to attend. First, Eitan, this is a man who dreamt of being a cowboy coming from a far away place with nuthin' but 2 nickles in his pocket on a good day and became one one of the most decorated equine riders to date. Second is Debbie, his beautiful bride, and she says "Eitan does everything on the saddle, I do everything off the saddle". She ain't kiddin'. This is one very savy business-brain behind all their horse-scenes, let me tell you! Take a looong look at their incredible site and their outstanding accomplishments:

The clinic was held and hosted at Intrepid Farms, owned by Art Perry. The nicest gentlemen and very attentive host, I must say. He's the fellow you've watched for the last 28yrs riding his steed being the distinguished Grand Marshall Horseman during each New Year's Rose Parade in Pasadena, Ca. His vast collection of beautiful silver embellished saddles and elaborate twinkling costumes displayed in his private museum is absolutely incredible!! Take a look at his place ... you'll drool too!

I have wonderful loyal customer that I was finally able to meet in person, Sandra Nelson. She's just a little bitty thing, but she has her own kind of horsepower!! She nearly hauled off with 1/2 my inventory...okok, not 1/2 but at least a 1/4 of it! LOL *Thank you so much, Sandra!!* She's another accomplished breeder who raises fantastic Morgans, but don't take my word for it ... check it out for yourself! Simply click below to view Sandra's collection:

Also, the national magazine 'Cowboys & Indians' was there, one of their lovely little photographer/journalist was taking photos and gathering info to do a write-up for a future 2010 issue. *She bought several bracelets & earrings from me! Yipeeee....*

There is so much more to share and so many wonderfully kind folks we met for the short time we were there -- we hope to see them next year. :D Even though our road trip ended up being the "road trip from H__L" due to all the mechanical prob's w/the Grama-camper including her 3 blown-out tires on the way ... we lived to tell the tale! I cherish my new memories and won't be forgetting any time soon.

Now that I've got my mojo-beading blood rev'd up and sold a bunch ... it's time to head back to the work-table and crank out more bauble beauties!!