Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Removal Crew

Baby, it's waaaay cold outside! Yea, like 7* degrees! Acccck!!! It's finally arrived ... S.N.O.W. I have one word on the subject - Blech. We had one of the loveliest Fall seasons to date, so I'm spoiled. I admit it.
Ok, ok, ok ... I'll try to remind myself of those days when it used to warm my lil' romantic heart seeing tiny flakes falling... *Perhaps, I was nuts along, who knew?* So I'm not looking forward to shovels, snow boots, gloves, muddy salt, ice covered roads, and dead car batteries. I know, whine whine whine... But, I think I finally reached that point in life ... I've become an 'old poop'.

I try to look for the "oh, fun ...Snow! ". Funny, but I'm not seeing it or finding it ... anywhere. Yup, that's me wearing the big snow-party-pooper hat. Here we go, months of snowy mornings when a Snow Removal Crew is needed for snow removal. Oh, joy. *sigh* So I'll have to add to my errand list the rancher's outlet for 50lb bags of cracked corn. *Shhh, just don't tell the GF&P!!* The Hub's says "You know, they'll throw you in jail for feeding Turkeys" ... I reply back "Really? Well all I have to say is -- why haven't they thrown me in jail for feeding the Chickadees? Good grief."

So after writing this, I realize that I'm very thankful I'm not a Turkey. However, I did just realize I've become a whining spoiled human-turkey. Not good. Oooooh yes, Lord ... I heard you and I'm very sorry for my selfishness. Thank You so much for sending the Snow Removal Crew this morning. Also, thank You for reminding me it's Thanksgiving week. I have so much to be grateful for ... especially for being allowed another day waking to see our 1st snow fall.

I think I'll go eat that a big slice of humble pie for breakfast now. :)