Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time to take a lil break

So far it's a Beee.U.Tee.Full early fall....but i've been cooped up in my 'woman cave' slaving away w/bead & jewelry sales. I actually believe I've turned Day-Glow!! acck! However, all that effort really paid off, my son won't have to take out a student loan for his Sr year! *doing cartwheels* Thank you again!!

Now it's time for a much needed little break for Mom....away from ----> the computer, the beads, twittering, the shops, all that on-line stuff! I may be able to really focus on having some 1-on-1 time with ME and just my work table getting creative again. My heart needs to express and my brain needs the exercise! :D

If you stop by, you may just find me perched on the stump just like lil' Buster up above....just hangin' around taking it easy for a few weeks.....just what the Dr ordered!