Friday, March 5, 2010

Organized Chaos

I dream of having one of those perfect designer studios where everything has it's place, it's always tidy and highly organized, beautifully decorated with comfy chairs - pillows - pictures - fresh flowers, very well lit with scads of natural light streaming in, and so on.... A girl can dream. Sound familiar to your dream too?

Whelp, for the time being my comfy little work space has to house my entire "bead supply shop" AND include my "jewelry factory" ... so it's gotten a little cramped over the last few years. I'm not complaining and I suppose it could be alot worse as far as space goes. Many don't believe that I create all the beaded items I offer -- trust me, I have plenty of stuff to prove I've got the goods to do allllll that beading! LOL I've learned to work well and be very productive in my 'organized chaos' situation. My mascot Wilma Flintstone is always encouraging, and BobSqPants throws me a giggle when I need a pick-me-up ... they don't seem to mind the chaos ... much. Heck, I even have help to "hold the fort down" too. It appears my work-table is a pretty comfy place for a nap at times too. Sweet dreams ... the two brothers are our tag-team nappers!In my little world, there's too many beads ... never enough time. So it's back to work for me! Oh yea, I just listed over 50 NEW necklaces at my website & 50 more to go!!
Please take a ----> LQQK