Monday, August 9, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

We've been having the lazy days of summer ... well, at least the cats have them. Actually, Kit & I have been quite busy this summer. Sound familiar? He's been very occupied with creating many avenues w/his meat company and it's been very exciting for him. I'm thrilled that his dream is coming to fruition. He's also keeps himself busy w/the yard work and chasing the deer from the flower garden. *I think he likes them coming around, it gives him a reason to shoot the paint-ball gun! HA!!* My dream is to one day have a flower garden that will have oodles these flowers ... that don't get eaten. I hate Bambi.
Since I don't have the flower garden of my dreams, I have to play w/beads most of the summer. Like that's something new. Not. (Yes, I so LOVE doing it!) At times, my beading batteries need a jump-start. So while they're charging up, I offer a few sales thru the summer and they are always rec'd w/a terrific response from the most wonderful customers anywhere! **Thanks so much ladies!!** At the moment, I'm trying to muster up a big pile of inspiration & energy to create NEW beauties for fall. However, I have to finish the last of the little lovelies (below) that I began a little while ago ... THEN I can dive into the rock pile I have waiting for me just yonder. *sigh* I can be my own worst Boss, who's always making more work for me to do!! Sound familiar?

I finally admitted to myself (since I was listening to myself the other day) that sitting at my desk like a lump on log doesn't get the job done. "No, s**t Sherlock." I really do like surfin' the net and I find so many stunning beautiful designs, yet I'm not struck by a bolt of energy -- which I always hope will do the trick. Drats. It's not until I start diggin' into my bead bins ("you mean your loot bins", as Kit puts it) that's when I'm simply flooded w/oodles of ideas. I actually overwhelm myself ... 'cause I come up with sooo MANY that I don't know exactly where to start. But I do have a HUGE pile of beads about 2-3feet high on trays (I kid you not). So I pick up this pendant, that strand of pearls, those briolettes, a few other accent beads, and get right to work. Before I know it, the day becomes night and I've crank out a TON of new gorgeous things. Success!
My sister always shakes her head at the amount I can complete in one day -- "how can one person get soooo much done?" she asks. Whelp, the way I see it is that's the gift I've been given. Human factory- that is me. Which I'm very grateful for. So when you're blessed with being able to do what you LOVE (a career) it doesn't feel like work at all. I crank & turn the gift-valve a little, then creative energy begins to flow through me, all the while I keep my mind/heart open to receive the abundance coming from above. I know I make it sound easy and it is most days ... but at times, I need a rest from beads and focus on other things in life. 'Cause joy is found in many simple everyday things I tend to forget about. However, with this last paragraph, I'm itchin' to get over to my work table! It's time to put on my apron and get to work!Like you, I visit a few of my fav blogs to find jolts of color, a spark or something that will ignite a new vision, they fill me with soooo many wonderful ideas. These are just a few of my fav's:
Reata Rose (my sister's beautiful creation)
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The Paris Apartment
Happy Loves Rosiemy favorite color is shiny

I hope you're having a beautiful lazy summer day! Blessings.