Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who Ordered the Bowl Full of Gemmies?

I've been taking a little break. Sorta'. I tried the just hangin' around, like BusterBrownKitty pictured below ... but the stump was not all that comfy. So I started to play w/all my pretty little beads (like that's sumthin' new ... NOT) and quickly found myself at the work-table every morning (yes, in my jammies). O.M.Gosh, I forget how happy I am when I'm creative!! I get so bogged down w/listing, bead sales, and shipping that I'm too tired to be creative and/or just too dang tired looking at beads to start the beading process. Oy vey.

Take a look at all the pretty little earrings in the simple little imagine this -- I've created necklaces to match nearly every single pair!! Plus, there's another little bowl of more earrings I'm beginning to fill up (yep, necklaces to match too). Needless to say, I'm a very productive little beader!! Can't help it. Some people take a break and don't do much, for me this is like not doing much, 'cause I like doing soooo much. Yes, I know....."she must be ill." LOL

The other day while trying not to do anything -- that's not so easy to do, unless your a couch potato, (OK, I confess I have my couch potato moments) I had a "Eureka!" moment....create a Clearance Sale section at my jewelry site!

Sometimes, I'm as dense as a post. So very shortly I'll be filling up a few pg's of Clearance items (more like alot of pg's!). Have to gear up for the Holiday Shoppers, you know. If you'd like to rec' an email sale flyer, sign up at my site ... then you can snag some Super Deals!!

Eeep! Gotta' head back to the idea just popped up in my head on how to use those chrysoprase nuggets. Stay tuned for a few more quick peeks at my NEW STUFF!