Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Driveway Weed & Bambi's Gang

Each year my lovely little periwinkle Columbine pops up in the same spot....and the DH tries each year to kill it, claiming she's a weed. NOT!! I had planted her about 4ft behind where she is now, in a flower box...but she likes the driveway gravel better. :) A bunch of her babes popped up this year...yipeee!

Since she's close to the house, our local Deer Gang haven't been brave enough to EAT her. BUT my other little wild pink-bonnet Columbine, which is fully loaded w/blossoms, wasn't so lucky. Bambi stripped her of all but 1 little leaf!! Bambi does the same thing w/all my Hollihocks too. They turn them into Toothpick Plants by stripping each stalk clean of all the leaves & blossoms. It is totally depressing to say the least. :(

Each Fall, I try spreading seeds from all the flowers that survive. Then in the Spring, Bambi usually gobbles them up for lunch. I never thought I'd hate Bambi. They ruin my flower garden every year and all attempts I've made for having one. *tearful sigh* I don't fall for those dewy-dark brown-eyes anymore -- NO WAY. What I see are great big RATS now!! So I've waged war on Bambi & his gang. The paint ball gun is locked & loaded. Have you ever seen a hot pink polka-dotted deer? Stay tuned!!