Monday, February 15, 2010

What am I up to....BEADING! What else?

I've been selling supplies like crazy! Everybody must be beading!! I know I am ... I've been making & taking time to hit the worktable all this last month. I've got a bunch of photos of new things posted on my website, but I have to get their descrip's finished -- I simply run out of brain power for creative writing at the end of the day. Ooey.

Boy, have I been a busy lil' beader, let me tell you!! While cleaning out my bead bins & storage boxes to list bead supplies for the Valentine's Day sale, I re-discovered a bunch of tidbits I had totally forgotten about ... "out of site, out of mind" really fits here! Re-finding those gorgeous goodies really gave me a boost and jump-start I needed. Yay!!

Ok, enough chitchat ... gotta' get back to the worktable! Today's project is to complete all the earrings that will match the necklaces above. Hope you're having a productive day! I am!! :D

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